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 Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are agreed to when shipping with Postage Express. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our shipping clerks.

Terms of Use

Subject to these terms & conditions, Postage Express (“We” or “Us”), will receive, forward, &/or pack parcels for you as the customer (“You” or “Your”).  Your true name, address, & phone number must be given at the time of shipment.  By shipping with us, You have confirmed the accuracy of the “Ship To” address.

  1. We do not accept hazardous material, other Regulated Material-D class (ORM-D), illegal items, or items of unusual value, including but not limited to cash.  See carrier tariff or service guide for other restricted items.  You hereby declare that all items are legal for shipment & do not contain any hazardous materials, alcohol, tobacco, or any other banned items.  A list of hazardous materials is available for viewing at this location.

  2. We do not transport your parcels.  We assume no liability for the delivery of the parcels accepted for shipment or for loss or damage by any cause to the parcels or their contents while in transit.  You agree that the carrier’s liability for lost or damaged items is limited by the provisions in this agreement.  You agree to all terms & conditions in this agreement whether or not the declared value is purchased. The driver may deliver the parcel without a signature unless You request a signature on the delivery & pay any applicable charge for such service.  The carrier is not liable for loss or damage occurring after delivery.

  3. We are not liable for the carrier’s failure to properly collect or remit funds for C.O.D. parcels.  You assume all risk if the consignee’s form of payment is accepted by the carrier.  You must agree to one of these payment types when processing a C.O.D.; Guarantee or Personal Funds.  It will be processed as personal funds if you do not specify.  You agree to accept all risks of nonpayment, insufficient funds, & forgery & that We will not be liable under any instrument tendered for C.O.D. parcels.

  4. We are not liable for the carrier’s failure to provide timely delivery.  Any statement by Us as to a probable date of delivery is only an opinion & an estimate, & is not warranted by us in any manner.  Guarantee service agreements are between you & the carriers. We are not liable for any consequential, incidental, or punitive damages, or any loss or damage resulting from delays in shipping or delivery.  In the event You make a Guaranteed Service Request to UPS, Fed Ex, or USPS, You agree to provide to the carrier & authorize Us to provide the carrier, Your name & address solely to be used by the carrier to process the refund request.

  5. We are trained in packaging parcels & You acknowledge that packaging standards to withstand shock, vibration & compression have been explained by Us.  Our responsibility for damage to items caused by improper packing by Us is limited by the Declared Value terms & conditions for the shipment.  Items packed by You are covered for being lost but may not be covered for damage.  Claims may be denied for parcels that are not packed according to the specific carriers packing guidelines.  It is understood by you that items of a certain nature can be damaged by transport even without any damage to the package or by any fault of the carriers or those who pack it. This would include vibration damage, heat or cold damage, settling damage, damage of items against each other in the box, etc., and we would not be responsible for these damages.  These types of damage may or may not be covered by the carrier whether or not additional insurance coverage is purchased. Postage Express is not responsible for customer-packed items & serves only as an agent to help the customer file the claim with the carrier.

  6. “Drop Off” Packages that are shipped on someone else’s account are not the responsibility of Postage Express.  Postage Express acts only as the drop-off point & assumes no liability for loss, damage, or tracking.  Items packed by Postage Express & shipped on another account are not guaranteed for packing, loss, damage, or tracking since we have no ability to file the claim or monitor the handling of the item after it leaves the store.

  7. If You or the consignee has a claim against the carrier or declared value coverage provided for loss or damage to Your parcel, You agree to make the claim through us at the location that shipped the parcel.  You expressly agree that We have no liability if any claim is denied or paid only in part by the carrier or other declared value provider.  You agree to provide all necessary documentation for filing the claim accurately and timely.

  8. Food Shipments.  It is Your responsibility to ensure all requirements & records are kept in accordance with all FDA guidelines.  These obligations cannot be terminated.  Compliance with all FDA requirements is Your responsibility.

  9. We are not responsible for interruptions to or failures of electronic processes, including transmissions of shipping order information.

  10. Declared Value Terms & Conditions.  Declared value coverage will be available only if you have complied with all Declared Value Terms & Conditions.  For an additional fee, we will obtain declared value coverage for you through the selected carrier.  You expressly acknowledge that the value of each parcel does not exceed the amount you listed as the declared value.  If no amount is specified, You agree that the value of the parcel(s) shall not exceed $100.  If you refuse additional declared value for items of greater value than $100, You will be limited to a maximum coverage of $100.  Each declared value provider designates monetary limits of coverage.  The declared value terms & conditions of the carriers are located in their carrier service guides & are available upon request at this location.  Consult these guides for further info.  It is understood by You that some items are not replaceable.

  11. Limitation of Liability.  Our liability & the carrier’s liability for loss or damage to Your parcel are limited to Your actual damages or $100, whichever is less unless you declare & pay for a higher authorized value.  Declared value coverage is not available for items of sentimental value, precious metals, negotiable instruments, or prohibited items.  The limit of liability for a parcel containing a check or checks is limited to the stop payment & check(s) issuance cost, not to exceed $100 per parcel.  Carrier’s liability for a parcel containing a phone card, gift certificate, or gift card is limited to the replacement cost of the physical card only not to exceed $100 per parcel.  In no event shall We or the carriers be liable for the face value of any checks, phone cards, gift certificates, or gift cards.  Limitations of liability can be found in the carrier’s service guide or tariff.

  12. Filing a claim.  Any & all claims must be in writing & received by Us within the carrier’s required time frame.  Claims not made within the prescribed time frame are waived & will not be paid.  Any & all claims are waived if the consignee accepts the parcel without noting the damage on the delivery record.  For all damage claims, the original packaging materials must be kept & made available for the carrier’s inspection, & the claim is supported by the shipping documents including but not limited to the shipping document, a copy of the receipt & proof of declared value.

  13. Items Packed by Us but shipped on the customer shipping account or taken from the building.  We cannot guarantee any packing done by us but not shipped on our account at our location.  There are too many variables that we cannot control & we are not allowed to file the claim.  Claims for these items have to be made by the person or account that is doing the shipping or transporting.  You are responsible for correct labeling, adding insurance, and claims.

  14. Guarantee Service Refund Request.  In the event of a service failure, You must contact Us at the location that shipped the parcel within the 15 calendar day notification period.  Guarantee Service Guarantees are waived if hindered by an Act of God, acts of terrorism or war, no one available to sign, inclement weather, or other reasons in the carriers service guide

  15. Postage Express serves only as an agent for the shipment of your parcel & assumes no liability for any damages or loss to your parcel.  These claims are between You & the selected carrier. 

  16. Items shipped by USPS are not automatically tracked or insured.  These options must be selected & additional charges must be paid.  Claims for damage or loss are typically more difficult to obtain through USPS as compared to the other carriers.  Surcharges may be added for USPS shipments.

  17. Postage Express is not responsible for packages being shipped to Foreign Countries. We will do everything we can to ensure safe & timely delivery, but we are not responsible for customs charges, return charges, or any other additional charges related to international shipments. No items can be sent to Mexico made in any Asian country.  This includes China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. These items are not allowed in Mexico per their Government regulations.  The entire package will be held or returned at Your expense.  Please refer to International Customs info online before shipping internationally.

  18. Items returned, deemed undeliverable for any reason, or left after 30 days will be kept or disposed of at Postage Express’ discretion. Postage Express will become the rightful owner of all packages returned & unclaimed to keep or dispose of at their discretion. Postage Express reserves the right to open any package at any time at the store to determine any potentially hazardous situation and to determine rightful ownership or destination.

  19. Inclement Weather Notice Refunds will not be available for air or ground deliveries not possible due to inclement weather or other circumstances beyond the carrier’s control. This is the policy of all carriers.

  20. Fuel Charge Notice.  Refunds will not be available for guaranteed delivery fuel charges.  Carriers deem that even if late, the package was delivered & therefore will not refund the fuel charge portion of the shipping expense. This is the policy of all carriers.

  21. Postage Express has the right to use recycled materials for boxes or packing materials.

  22. Customs Charges. Postage Express is not liable for any customs charges, fees, excise fees, import fees, return fees, or any other charges related to international shipping. Please contact UPS or Fed Ex to get information for possible charges related to international shipping.

  23. Missed Scan. All carriers are responsible for their scans of packages. Postage Express is not liable for packages that miss scans at pickup, during travel, or at delivery since we have no control over this. Any loss must be settled with the carriers.

  24. These Terms & Conditions constitute the entire agreement between You & US, & supersede all prior, subsequent &/or contemporaneous representations, written or oral.  All UPS, Fed Ex, & USPS Guidelines are in effect for all shipments.  By placing shipment or services with us you have agreed to all terms.

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